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"Camp Trillium has worked with Adventureworks! for the past 12 years. We have been exceptionally pleased with the quality of service and expertise we have received. I highly recommend them."

Marci Shea-Perry
Executive Director,
Camp Trillium

Our leading edge adventure program services create positive growth and change in individuals, groups, and organizations.

We partner with our clients to create innovative adventure programs and facilities which enable people to develop greater understanding of themselves, build healthier relationships, exercise more effective leadership, and make a positive impact in their communities.

We are accredited Professional Vendor Members of the Association for Challenge Course Technology.
Upcoming Events
May 21-22
Low Rope Facilitator (Level 1 - Spotted)
Canterbury Hills, Ancaster, ON
May 21-25
Assistant Ropes Course Instructor (Level 1)
Canterbury Hills, Ancaster, ON
May 21-25
Ropes Course Instructor (Level 2)
Canterbury Hills, Ancaster, ON
• May 05-09: ARCI-Level 1 - Nordegg, AB
• May 10-15: RCI-Level 2 - Nordegg, AB
• May 12-16: ARCI-Level 1 - Shawnigan Lake, BC
• May 26-30: ARCI-Level 1 - Gambier Island, BC
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Laugh. Play. Connect. Monkey See, Monkey Do is a 10 minute digital ode to the power of play. With few words, tons of visuals, and a party beat, your group will connect with eachother using the universal tool of laughter. Any group of any size and any age will be energized, amused and ready for what's next. MSMD is a great icebreaker, recharge, or redirect. No facilitation needed - push play and watch your group experience a moment of silliness that sparks connections. You need MSMD in your bag of tricks!
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