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Great Start for Grade 9

Start the year off right. This program has build stronger connections, support safe schools initaitives, and develop positive student leadership. Our 'Great Start for Grade 9' program creates a fun first high school experience for students - full of activity and interactions - and all student led!

This 2-day program includes: a Peer Leader Training, Great Start Day, and the experience, staff, equipment and support necessary to make it all happen.

During the Peer Leader Training, senior students participate in a full-day training session with our experienced Adventureworks facilitators. While exploring their ideas around leadership and their vision for the school community, Peer Leaders receive instructions and coaching for the leadership they will provide for Grade 9's.

The Great Start Day is full of activity as Grade 9's are welcomed to the school with a day of adventure activities. Adventureworks staff will support Peer Leaders as they lead fun programming designed to get Grade 9's moving, meeting one another, and building meaninful connections for the coming years.

'Great Start For Grade 9' is designed to take place at the your school, but can be delivered in alternative models and timelines.

Contact Us and let us help your school year to get off to a Great Start and create a welcoming environment to all students.