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Strengthening Safe & Accepting Schools

A positive school climate that is inclusive and accepting is necessary for student success. Our ‘Strengthening Safe & Accepting Schools’ programs help equip students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that build and sustain inclusive and equitable schools. We provide a field trip experience packed with experiential learning opportunities where students practice making good choices, and developing healthy relationships. These programs support ongoing efforts to create safe & accepting schools including social-emotional learning and character education programs such as Tribes Learning Communities, as well as anti-bullying and bullying awareness initiatives.

The ‘Strengthening Safe & Accepting Schools’ programs are a fun and meaningful opportunity for students to explore what is, and is not acceptable behaviour in their community. Programs may include the use of group initiative tasks, low ropes activities, high ropes and climbing, as well as structured reflection, and creative group projects for establishing group norms and school visioning.

To extend the impact of your field trip, ‘Strengthening Safe & Accepting Schools’ can also include custom-built teacher lesson plans for easy to implement year-round adventure programming in the classroom. Each 60-90 minute lesson serves to strengthen students’ commitments to creating safe and accepting schools, and to further their learning about what is needed to maintain that environment. Teacher professional development sessions are also available to support educators and build a repertoire of effective activities for social-emotional learning, and bullying awareness.

‘Strengthening Safe & Accepting Schools’ may include programming at The Adventure Learning Centre at Canterbury Hills, in-school programming, and teacher supports such as lesson plans and professional development sessions. The most effective programs use a whole-school approach and take place over the entire school year.

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