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Zip Line Training

Zip Lines are unique activities that require annual training to operate. Adventureworks provides Zip Line training that equips your staff for successful Zip Line leadership.

About Zip Line Training:
Our Zip Line training prepares staff for successful operation of a Zip Line and incorporates the following key areas:

  • Zip Line Operational Procedures:
    • Training participants learn and practice the roles and responsibilities of all Zip Line operational staff including Ground Attendant, Air Attendant, and Egress team.

  • Zip Line Rescue:
    • Training participants learn and practice methods and techniques for rescuing Zip Line riders who are unable to exit the Zip Line by regular egress methods

  • Pre-Use Checks of the Zip Line and associated equipment:
    • Training participants gain an understanding of, and practice, how to conduct a pre-use check of all Life Safety and Operational Equipment

For Clients in Ontario:
Our Zip Line training helps operators meet the TSSA annual training requirements for staff operating the Zip Line. We are able to provide Zip Line Mechanic-In-Training training upon request (see our Zip Line Mechanic Services)

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