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Zip Line Mechanic Services

In Ontario, the law requires your site to employ a certified Amusement Device Mechanic (ADM-AR) or a Zip Line Mechanic-in-Training (MIT) under the supervision of an Amusement Device Mechanic. One of these people (either the ADM-AR or the Zip MIT) must be on-site to “open” the Zip Line every day you intend to use it.

Adventureworks employs a licensed Zip Line Mechanic (ADM-AR). We can help you to understand and meet these requirements. Services include:

  • Annual Zip Line Inspection and Maintenance
  • Equipment Supply
  • Zip Line Mechanic-in-Training (MIT) training, supervision, and skills passport sign-off
  • Training for Operations, Pre-use Inspections, and Rescue

Please contact us if you need Zip Line Mechanic Services